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*\Modern destination wedding in Bali’s Manor/*

Byadmins Posted Dec 8, 2017

*\Modern destination wedding in Bali’s Manor/*

Today’s wedding couple is very interesting. Catherine moved from the United States to Jakarta, Indonesia, close to the family, and her fellow Shaun came from Zurich, so they plan to have a Bali wedding destination at a Bali wedding. Capture these dramatic and artistic photos with cliffsides as their venue, reflecting the true sparkle of modernity.


Floral design and decoration, using the green + white palette, highlights the beauty of the area.

Their adventurous love story. Introduced by relatives. We did not have a good start – he lived in Zurich almost all his life and would rather stay that way. I decided to settle down in Indonesia after years of living in Indonesia and get close to my family again.

A few personal touches were custom gift bags with Balinese coffee beans, agate slices as named cards, and wedding advice cards and stationery from Etsy.

Wedding style of the bride is like, full of romantic taste. Some personal styles are custom gift bags, Bali coffee beans, agate tablets as a name card, wedding consultation card.

Not to mention, such a fun, glamorous reception!

Byadmins Posted Dec 8, 2017

Female Wedding Editorial in Pipi Mountain

Oh, we really like the good cake here! Especially after being designed and shot, just like the photos shared at the recent Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard Movie Workshop.

Pick Hill is the rolling hills of Charlottesville, and designers work with this cool, hazy day to create the cutest ladies dress

Perched on top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards, we can admire the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, which are misty and more lovely.

Behind the soft flowers, every rose and peach came to the gray area.

Byadmins Posted Dec 7, 2017

Modern and Regal weddings in Ontario

The lovers, they only dated at university for some time, did not arrive until graduation, and their career paths led them in quite different directions. Years later, they re-contacted themselves without any change. Tessa and Derek know that they are together forever.

Occupations: Lawyer & African History Teacher and Digital Marketing Analyst
Wedding location: Paradise Banquet Hall, Ontario, Canada

Tessa comes from Canada and I come from the District of Columbia, but we are all sent there by our parents. The first time I saw Tessa on the Friday night at Oakwood University. It’s like everything is stopped; I have a tunnel view. No such thing happened before.


Like in a movie, I was paralyzed by her beauty and everything else. Her presence has greatly affected me. I decided that whenever I see her again, I must talk to her. I attended a basketball game on Saturday night, and when I saw Tess there, we dated for a short time and then graduated. Over the years, we have been in touch.



Byadmins Posted Dec 7, 2017

Golden Yellow Mountain Elopement

After years of planning and filming the wedding, the main style of yellow. This style of filming includes local suppliers who are looking forward to the Maine summer and are inspired by filming a sunny palette.

Mount Battie in Camden, Maine, is the perfect backdrop for a “runaway bride” with hearty deli plates and caramel glaze dripping cakes with kumquat desserts. The bride’s golden skirt complements the natural tone of the hilltop stone tower, and her feather earrings provide the perfect touch of personality, combining the simplicity of an ivory camisole.

Marigold-colored florals complement the Harvest Moon’s yellow pops in gorgeous food shows. Yellow Twist’s floral motif includes a bouquet full of kangaroo claws and pincushion cakes.
This wedding inspiration shoot shows that when the right style, the yellow light inevitably looks like a color of beauty!



Byadmins Posted Dec 6, 2017

A Surprise Paris Engagement

This is a couple who know each other through mutual friends, but never alone, except one day wandering with other friends. About a year later, they contacted again and started chatting. About that time, Avissa is planning to go to New York with his family. Anant recommended that she visit several places, even saying that one day he wants to see her drink a cup. Avissa tells Anant all his advice that he can become her tour guide. When Ivy finally came to New York, she did not call or text Annette, because she was not sure if he was serious about her tour guide.

Avisha did not contact Anant on the day, Anant was at work, did not receive her information all day, and then he began to think maybe she did not want it? He picked up the phone, sent a message asking, “Are you safe in New York and what is your flight?

Anat then left the job and headed for her, realizing that he should get something for her because he could not go home empty handed. So he begged the taxi driver to wait for him and went to the working street with a chocolate shop across the street. Quickly pick up some chocolate biscuits and a box of Taittinger champagne truffles.

He finally reached the hall with a huge smile on his face, his eyes open, with Avisha, with STANK FACE (as Anant loves to describe)! After he had given his biscuits and truffles, he said to her: “Madame, do you know these fruit shortbreads and truffles that I have just bought for you?”

Just after that weekend, Anant told his friend in the car on his way home from the airport, “I’m sad, but I do not know why! He turned to him and said,” Do you miss Lauren Anvers called Avisha)? “He said,” No, no! That’s impossible, I just go out with her for the weekend! “He continued to try to get out of it, and it took him a while to get it understood. He realized he missed her very much, and she too.

They keep in touch, but neither of them wants to recognize each other’s feelings because of distance. In the end, Anant decided to visit Avisha and decide on how to deal with each other’s feelings. They finally expressed their true feelings, and there is no secret that they are both in love.

Annette and Avisha plan to visit Paris on the second anniversary. This is their two plans for almost a year’s trip. Avissa meets a Parisian photographer as they look for something in Paris. She advised them to take a couple of photos taken from the second anniversary photo shot by the Eiffel Tower and they were visiting places they had been dreaming of. Anant agreed and told Aviza to arrange. Avissa knew that Anantt had been reaching out to the photographer to plan a marriage proposal.

They chose to be in the Eiffel tower and tell her why he loves her so much. Then he knelt down and took out his ring from his pocket and said, “Are you willing to marry me?” At the moment, Avisha was so shocked, just standing there, totally disbelieving. It took about 5 minutes, she said yes. The best part of the whole proposal is that Anant’s family and Avici’s family are waiting patiently for photos at home so they can celebrate because they know the whole plan.


Byadmins Posted Dec 6, 2017

Elegant wedding dress spring atmosphere style collection


We love clean, classic and elegant. Which means we were very excited to be asked to style and shoot this beautiful new collection of Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses ! While staying true to Mr Cassini’s design legacy, these dresses are perfect for every bride longing for old Hollywood glamour with understated, rich embellishments and flattering lines.

The lovely detailing of these dresses is hard to ignore. Muted bronze beading against the blush hue of a strapless gown exemplifies modern elegance. The scalloped lace of an off the shoulder dress is reminiscent of the era of Grace Kelly . An updated cap sleeve brings a new nuance to a timeless ball gown . Delicate layers of chiffon on a trumpet style just bring a sigh of delight.

they believes that every woman deserves to have the wedding dress of her dreams regardless of her style preference, shape, size or budget.


Byadmins Posted Dec 5, 2017


Amazing snowing suggestions at the Suncadia Resort at the foothills of the Snoqualmie Pass! The boy pre-arranged beautiful flowers, candles and blankets in the snow. When he and the bride arrived, he knelt on one knee and the background of the mountain could not be more spectacular. After the girls said yes, the photographers continued their filming, which shows how strong their true love is.

The coldness in the snow does not seem to affect the playfulness and ambiguity between them as if the photographer did not exist either. Enjoy the beautiful snow scene.

If you also choose a winter proposal, then try in the winter hot romance about it. 

Byadmins Posted Dec 5, 2017


“Erin and Kevin’s outdoor wedding at the Palace Hotel in Brazil and the reception at the groom’s backyard are favorites for high school couples who know they want something simple and elegant with their golden, white and green palette to help them The precise elements of the finish include the bride’s handmade veil, the groom’s custom cufflinks, the Mason jug (the groom’s surname Nod, Mason) and an amazing cake surrounded by multiple mini cakes.

We do not have much time to plan a wedding , but we always know we want a very sophisticated, stylish and fun wedding! We are looking for a romantic intimacy, and we want people to remember our wedding because it is beautiful and unique!

I think the most unique part of our ceremony is that we choose to go through the corridor together! We believe we made this promise together and hope to do something that can make a big difference. So far, our favorite wedding day is walking in the corridor, knowing that we are about to become husband and wife!

We have to do everything we want! We did everything ourselves.

A simple elegant backyard wedding ceremony was held in the backyard of the Brazilian Court Hotel.

Byadmins Posted Dec 4, 2017

Fall pastel seaside elopement inspiration on the Oregon Coast

First of all, you can directly enjoy some pictures to feel the wedding style.

You may have not spent time on the Oregon coast? This is of course magical, especially during such a hazy day.

Beach weddings will always have our hearts, especially on the west coast. Romantic ocean extreme, with people in the world vowed to witness eternal love.

A protagonist of a wedding is full of expectation to the feelings of the wedding. This pair of people who choose to have a wedding at the seaside not only enjoy the natural scenery but also spend two separate time together.

Perhaps the one who believes may think so much more sincerely in the words spoken at the wedding between sea and heaven.

Byadmins Posted Dec 4, 2017

Spring bouquet recipe + bridal style

We are sure that there are these big bridal bouquets in spring, are not we? If you are just as floral designer Starlie Squires as bouquet of flowers on your wedding day as gorgeous, your ensemble must be very dazzling. This bridal style shot by Kristina Curtis Photography does work.

Spring is such a colorful time of year. The earth starts to wake, flowers begin unearthing themselves from being buried for months, painted trees full of blossoms. Her wedding dress is one of a kind with a shear peach floral top and a full tulle bottom. Her hair adorns a soft bun while her hands hold a lush peach and pink bouquet.

If you are obsessed with fashion or flowers, or just a little bit of interest can try to touch to see such a theme wedding.