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Boho Romance at Avalon Legacy

Delicate lace on the Beau dress, composed of deep nude liner, corset and to slee sleeves.

The rustic ranch environment is converted into a bohemian style with pastel colors, exquisite flowers and attractive table design. An elegant affair in a rustic setting brings with it a unique opportunity to play. A blend of wine, modern and European elements makes the tabletop attractive. Bohemian style calls for characters and antiques and vintage inspired pieces to lend bohemian bride’s unique desire.

Even though it was a cold winter day, Elle Boone Photography felt the welcome of the tabletop, the clever cake color, and the pale bridal gown implied that the spring revival would soon win. Elle wants to capture the relaxed nature of the bride as she moves through each scene. Although the leaves have long been degraded, through this celebration there is life, emotion and thoughtfulness, which are required to be captured and their stories told.

Lush flowing, fluttering ribbons were added to the bridal bouquet to bring out a romantic, exquisite, light-as-air feel and when accompanied with a swing, how can one not be swept away.