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Classic Summer Wedding at Cherry Hills Country Club

We may be barely out of winter, but just looking at this wedding is like taking a sip from an icy Mint Julep on an August day… which just happens to be exactly what these newlyweds and their 160 guests did! With beautiful photos from Snippet & Ink Select vendor Danielle DeFiore, this is a classic country club wedding that feels so fresh!

My former figure skating coach, William Schneider, officiated. I grew up as a competitive figure skater, so my coach was a very big part of my life both on and off the ice. When Sam and I got engaged, it was Sam who asked Billy to officiate!

Bride Emily told us “it’s always a good idea to sleep on a big decision. Or a little decision! You don’t want to have to undo something later if you change your mind.” I can only guess she took her own advice, because it’s definitely hard to imagine she and Mad Men-esque groom Sam wanted to undo even a tiny part of this utterly gorgeous day!




Private wedding in Milford Beach, Connecticut

An intimate wedding is being held at Milford Beach, Connecticut. Their intimate wedding in private villas overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is full of sweet moments and details. The photographer David captured an entire day from start to finish.

You will see Leah and Danny ready for their beach ritual and then a magical outdoor reception. There are many personal details. These cool Kate Spade wedge heels we recommend on our blog. They have Mason Jar Center Decorations full of flowers, custom cheeses, Green Bay Packers topcases and candy tables.




Country Wedding

The wedding hero is a stationery designer and automotive design engineer.

The couple married at St. Mary’s Church in Radcliffe Trento, Nottingham, where they bought their first house near the local village church.

A little story begins with the movie “Our wedding day was inspired by our favorite color, my pink and Gareth’s orange. We introduced Rose Gold (because who does not love Rose Gold?) Handmade wooden elements And rich in paper and flowers to create a truly unique style.

The couple particularly loved the the time spent with their photographer after dinner, laughing and joking with their wedding party as the sun started to set and Kim directed them into some fun places.

“We love country pubs and we get to the top of the bar from the bar overlooking the beautiful valley, so it holds a special place in our hearts, the bar offers what we want, a quiet, beautiful country garden drink, view”

Our bride walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D with her dad, towards the love of her life , where they evolved rings and traditional church vows. The couple chose a single reading from Song of Solomon, through by Gareth’s dad.

Newlyweds with confetti, they visit the Checkers Inn to receive them, this is a particularly hard place. The shape and details of the day are extremely important to the couple.

After the meal came the new couple came to the mountains took some pictures, the photographer was also infected obviously, the whole atmosphere sweet to not.


See each other’s eyes are full of “I love you”