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Modern and Regal weddings in Ontario

The lovers, they only dated at university for some time, did not arrive until graduation, and their career paths led them in quite different directions. Years later, they re-contacted themselves without any change. Tessa and Derek know that they are together forever.

Occupations: Lawyer & African History Teacher and Digital Marketing Analyst
Wedding location: Paradise Banquet Hall, Ontario, Canada

Tessa comes from Canada and I come from the District of Columbia, but we are all sent there by our parents. The first time I saw Tessa on the Friday night at Oakwood University. It’s like everything is stopped; I have a tunnel view. No such thing happened before.


Like in a movie, I was paralyzed by her beauty and everything else. Her presence has greatly affected me. I decided that whenever I see her again, I must talk to her. I attended a basketball game on Saturday night, and when I saw Tess there, we dated for a short time and then graduated. Over the years, we have been in touch.