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A Surprise Paris Engagement

This is a couple who know each other through mutual friends, but never alone, except one day wandering with other friends. About a year later, they contacted again and started chatting. About that time, Avissa is planning to go to New York with his family. Anant recommended that she visit several places, even saying that one day he wants to see her drink a cup. Avissa tells Anant all his advice that he can become her tour guide. When Ivy finally came to New York, she did not call or text Annette, because she was not sure if he was serious about her tour guide.

Avisha did not contact Anant on the day, Anant was at work, did not receive her information all day, and then he began to think maybe she did not want it? He picked up the phone, sent a message asking, “Are you safe in New York and what is your flight?

Anat then left the job and headed for her, realizing that he should get something for her because he could not go home empty handed. So he begged the taxi driver to wait for him and went to the working street with a chocolate shop across the street. Quickly pick up some chocolate biscuits and a box of Taittinger champagne truffles.

He finally reached the hall with a huge smile on his face, his eyes open, with Avisha, with STANK FACE (as Anant loves to describe)! After he had given his biscuits and truffles, he said to her: “Madame, do you know these fruit shortbreads and truffles that I have just bought for you?”

Just after that weekend, Anant told his friend in the car on his way home from the airport, “I’m sad, but I do not know why! He turned to him and said,” Do you miss Lauren Anvers called Avisha)? “He said,” No, no! That’s impossible, I just go out with her for the weekend! “He continued to try to get out of it, and it took him a while to get it understood. He realized he missed her very much, and she too.

They keep in touch, but neither of them wants to recognize each other’s feelings because of distance. In the end, Anant decided to visit Avisha and decide on how to deal with each other’s feelings. They finally expressed their true feelings, and there is no secret that they are both in love.

Annette and Avisha plan to visit Paris on the second anniversary. This is their two plans for almost a year’s trip. Avissa meets a Parisian photographer as they look for something in Paris. She advised them to take a couple of photos taken from the second anniversary photo shot by the Eiffel Tower and they were visiting places they had been dreaming of. Anant agreed and told Aviza to arrange. Avissa knew that Anantt had been reaching out to the photographer to plan a marriage proposal.

They chose to be in the Eiffel tower and tell her why he loves her so much. Then he knelt down and took out his ring from his pocket and said, “Are you willing to marry me?” At the moment, Avisha was so shocked, just standing there, totally disbelieving. It took about 5 minutes, she said yes. The best part of the whole proposal is that Anant’s family and Avici’s family are waiting patiently for photos at home so they can celebrate because they know the whole plan.