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Romantic Winter Wedding in Texas : Emily & Derek

We find it so refreshing to see a few winter weddings making our best weddings of 2017, and this moody Texas affair is no exception!

I honestly cannot get over how excited today’s sweet groom Derek is in this picture, and believe me, you’ll want to see the rest of the of this very special moment, so be sure to read on.) This couple’s oh-so-visible love for each other helped them to create a day that was warm, meaningful and personal, both for them and for every one of their five hundred guests!

And it was also pretty darn gorgeous – Emily & Derek took full advantage of the romance of wintertime and included dark green ferns, soft blush and lilac florals, plenty of candlelight and one seriously incredible oversized Christmas tree!

Some woman desire a fairy tale wedding, and I am definitely one of them! But if you’re not careful and get swept up in the details and logistics, you’ll find yourself unprepared on your wedding day for what it’s all about – you marrying your person. With that being said, enjoy it all, be creative, drink lots of champagne, have fun at the events leading up to the wedding, and don’t forget to cherish the one you’ll be standing with at the altar.


our wedding party was insanely large, we enjoyed every moment with the ones closest to us and have loved seeing them all together in our beautiful photos.” (And we just have to add that if you’re planning a winter wedding, don’t feel like you have to be restricted to deep, moody hues.

I had a very specific vision when it came down to planning the flow of the ceremony. It was important to Derek and I both that our wedding ceremony paint a clear picture of Jesus Christ and His Church as clearly as we could! We wanted our pastor, Tyler Hardy, to reference this as often as he saw fit and for our first act as a married couple to be taking the Lord’s Supper together. We wanted the worship to be life-giving and to refresh the heart and soul of every listener!

The entire cake was covered in deep marbled buttercream (a mixture of light grey and light peach) with flecks of gold.


Rustic Wedding at Hereford Ranch in Jackson Hole

This sentimental wedding in Jackson Hole is full of so many hilarious and sweet behind-the-scenes details from the bride, from the meaning behind their magical ceremony venue and the arch hand-carved by the bride’s father to everyone’s antics on the dance floor during the reception.

With my mother’s help, I and my grandmother introduced me and rob. My grandmother told Violet that her daughter Patti was visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Violet said she had a grandson in Jackson Hole.

She asked, “is he single? He is tall? Does he have a dog? “Obviously, this is my highest standard in a partner… Anyway, all three purple answers yes. Then my mother handed violet a note with my name and number on it and told her to ask her grandson to call me. His grandmother (violet) pestered rob to call me, and three weeks later he finally gave in. Less than a week later we went on our first date…

Why did you choose this location for your wedding?

We (bride) in my family’s cattle ranches – Jackson Hole (Jackson Hole) Jackson Hole (Jackson Hole) farm – in my great grandfather built in the 1930 s a cottage held before the wedding. The cabin and the property it owns provide a backdrop for the memory of four generations of my family. The greatest memory of my childhood was in the cottage by the cottage, in the brook beside it, in the woods around it.

When rob and he started dating, it became the place we ran away on the weekend. There, we spent hours fishing, walking dogs, looking for antlers and mushrooms, snowshoes, and this list. If you ask me, the cabin is a magical place, one of Jackson’s most romantic places. Deciding to hold our wedding is not something we want or talk about, it’s just a hypothesis

Our ceremony was supposed to be outdoors with no tent. However, the day we got married was one of the rainiest days of the entire summer. At the last minute we decided to have a tent brought in for the ceremony.

And instead of placing it in front of the arch (which would ruin the ambiance and photos) we decided to have it set up next to the ceremony site, just in case there was a chance the weather would clear.

This also meant that we might not get married underneath the log arch. All of the benches and chairs were also put under the tent in preparation for the ceremony.

We wanted every aspect to feel as personal as possible. We used the cabin itself, the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch Ranch, and our favorite elements of Jackson Hole to provide us with inspiration. I’m a 5th generation Jackson native so it was important to me and to Rob to pay tribute to my family’s roots in Jackson. We did this in small, subtle ways such as when we used a photo of one of my grandfather’s paintings (by one of our more famous local artists, Archie Teater) on our invitations and place cards.

In addition, we wanted our wedding to be a celebration not just of us, but also a celebration of our friends and family. We wanted to celebrate all those that have been there for us and provided us with so much love and support throughout our lives. Our reception was filled with so much joy, love, and fun that at times it was overwhelming. The whole night was so surreal and humbling.






A Rue De Seine Gown for a Modern Boho Bride and her Relaxed & Homemade Barn Wedding

Happy New Year.Think bold, modern design paired with a rustic, relaxed barn venue, dreamy sunset portraiture and soft greens. So are you ready? Mr and Mrs Edwards married in an outdoor civil ceremony and barn reception in the heart of Kent, at The Great Barn in Rolvenden near Cranbrook. Their wedding style was characterised by simple modern detailing with pretty touches of soft green and white, all against a natural, relaxed backdrop to allow their guests to chill out and relax.

Mrs Edwards and there are simply no words to describe how incredible she looks. Found at Leonie Claire, a bridal boutique that we support on our curated Little Book for Brides pages, the gown combines a delicate slip with a striking lace overlay – isn’t it wonderful? I especially like the deep V-back edged with lace and those long sleeves which come down over her wrists; incredibly elegant.

Paul’s photos his style of work. We knew he would capture our day exactly how we wanted, and he exceeded our expectations with what he captured for us. The photos are perfect and we are so glad we had him.”

The groom set the tone for the relaxed day with his choice of Noose & Monkey suit with a white shirt, fastened with a collar pin from Boohoo instead of the more formal tie.

The bride’s father drove the bride and her mum to the barn, then walked hand in hand with her down the aisle.

The sun was shining for the newly-weds, so after the ceremony they headed outside to relax in the gardens and enjoy more guitar music and delicious canapés from Home Gurr’own.

The wedding breakfast was served at long trestle tables in the barn, adorned with soft green eucalyptus garlands and simple glassware. I really love this combination of rustic charm and simple elegance.

They really have thought of everything and everyone in their creative planning. Their wedding cinema sounds epic and the orchard lit with hanging candles in glass jars and bottles looks magical.



Glamorous Miami Beach Wedding

Jennifer and Jonathan met at a dive bar in the East Village of Manhattan. They were two complete strangers who met eyes. He approached Jennifer, and an unbreakable bond was formed. They talked and laughed all night long, almost as if they were catching up with an old friend.

Jon proposed to me on our fourth anniversary. He had already given me my gift so I really did not expect anything else. He took me to where we had our first date, and then said we were going somewhere after for dinner.

we waited at the bar. As I talked his ear off about my day of auditions and frivolous subway banter, the staff was setting up in the kitchen for the surprise of the evening. We were seated at a table in the back of the restaurant, when suddenly the waitress handed me a bouquet of long white-stemmed roses with greenery perfectly folded between each stem. I gasped seeing my favorite arrangement and said, “I didn’t know they give that out here!”

I was oblivious. Jonathan stood up and came to my side of the table, kissed me and said “I love you so much.” Before I knew it, he was down on one knee followed by the staff running out from behind the kitchen with cameras and champagne. It was so perfectly choreographed! Everyone in the restaurant gasped and stared with ‘ooh-s’ and ‘ahh-s.’ I giggled with nervous laughter, so naturally he called me out, “I’m down on one knee and you’re laughing at me.”

In that moment of truth, it was he and I at our finest. Honest, nerdy, soul mates. He asked, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” And I quickly squealed, “Of course I will!” We eventually called our parents then proceeded to pop champagne bottles on the rooftop of the nearby hotel, Americano. We overlooked Manhattan, held each other, and had everything we needed.

My wedding day was a magical expression of emotions. I had all of the people I love and respect under one roof and watching my husband and my family become one is an experience I’ll cherish forever.



Boho Romance at Avalon Legacy

Delicate lace on the Beau dress, composed of deep nude liner, corset and to slee sleeves.

The rustic ranch environment is converted into a bohemian style with pastel colors, exquisite flowers and attractive table design. An elegant affair in a rustic setting brings with it a unique opportunity to play. A blend of wine, modern and European elements makes the tabletop attractive. Bohemian style calls for characters and antiques and vintage inspired pieces to lend bohemian bride’s unique desire.

Even though it was a cold winter day, Elle Boone Photography felt the welcome of the tabletop, the clever cake color, and the pale bridal gown implied that the spring revival would soon win. Elle wants to capture the relaxed nature of the bride as she moves through each scene. Although the leaves have long been degraded, through this celebration there is life, emotion and thoughtfulness, which are required to be captured and their stories told.

Lush flowing, fluttering ribbons were added to the bridal bouquet to bring out a romantic, exquisite, light-as-air feel and when accompanied with a swing, how can one not be swept away.




Rustic pink and white Washington wedding

Lauren and Austin Celebrate Washington Day in Country Retro Style The day was full of personal details and decorative items borrowed from home. They exchanged oaths, jumped into the bride’s parents’ house for a night and found ways to create a perfect day to celebrate their love.

Pink and white palettes, including the most beautiful rose gold shine, we like the feminine touch of the bride’s work. You will have to catch all the details of her incredible work of sharing her and her family by turning her property into a gorgeous wedding venue for their special day. Enjoy the beauty and fun of this simple family affair shot by Courtney Bowlden Photography!

‘I always knew I wanted to get married at my parents’ home. This is a beautiful property, I really want to make it special and unique to me. I hope it is elegant, whimsical, eternal. Decorations are all we ourselves or handmade.’

Most of our friends are musicians, so we have a live band cocktail time and dinner. It really sets the tone of our day so that the atmosphere is so special. Music is something we all love to do together, so we know we want it to be epic.

Before the ceremony, my parents and I sat by the window in the bedroom, ignoring the ceremony, watching friends talk, taking photos, and then sitting down. I am very happy to spend a few minutes of quiet time with my parents.



Sri Lanka Beach Wedding

After deciding to do the destination wedding, we investigated several countries, but Sri Lanka ticked everything we needed.

Where we want to travel, affordable for our guests but still beautiful and exciting, Sri Lanka is all about it and more! From the amazing hospitality shown by everyone we meet to the world-class cuisine that every meal offers, everything goes beyond perfection beyond our expectations!

We came to this country with 115 guests, only one who once went to Sri Lanka and 115 will be back. We feel very fortunate to be able to share our wedding adventures with many in this amazing country and we will be back!



Best Real Wedding: San Francisco The Chapel SF elegant city wedding

Hard to believe the arrival of the end of 17, but without our full collection of 2017, it will not be December debris and ink.

But as we delved into our favorite details, venues, dresses and bouquets, we chose San Francisco, the start of this stunning cosmopolitan wedding.

Today’s features really show that weddings work best when you rely on what’s most important to you!

The couple get their love of music and guide them to choose unusual places, Chapel SF, often host rock concerts instead of weddings, which in turn inspire them all day.

Does your wedding include any tradition? Wears a pearl necklace for the grandmother’s ritual, and the married band is the mother’s father’s grandmother.
Want a very thin gold band to match my engagement ring and are looking for a suitable golden shadow.

We want a unique, intimate, romantic place that feels like us. Music is Important in Our Lives Soon before we got engaged, we happened to see a band performing at The Chapel SF (an adjoining music venue called The Vestry’s Restaurant / Bar, once an old morgue), one day it Click and it will be a great place for us.

After the ceremony, I took off my veil and pearls and put on an amazing German antique tiara that is made out of paper and gilded in gold. Apparently it was traditional for the bride to wear the tiara and then the groom to wear the matching boutonniere, so in our case Grace wore that piece tucked in her hair.



Throne wedding style shoot

Beautiful wedding dress and shiny shoes, amazing gorgeous redheads? That’s Daniel. Danyelle is surrounded by a highly talented professional event planner who surrounds the best suppliers and will be a unique wedding

There was a simple court wedding three years ago. But then he wanted to surprise her with an over-the-top wedding; one that was as beautiful as her … So, he was called Amanda (FFE), with plans starting in 2019. So it started … how? You can feel through photos.

Her intuitive grandmother, she and Daniels first date, she bought Danielle’s skirt, convinced that he is Danielle’s “only.” The old lady passed before seeing them married so the dress was a way to bring part of her grandmother’s love to the aisle when she could not get there personally.

Daniel creates and designs every element she considers to be a style shot. From her handcrafted shoulder straps and belts to the house symbol on the goblet, to the Dragon Egg Wishholder … this girl redesigned an oversized seat and created a ritual!




A Whimsical Summer Garden Wedding

Fun and whimsy can be anywhere, but it’s important to find the right place for you to feel at home and full of energy. Today’s wedding is a perfect balance between romantic and creepy childlike wonders, all from their site – Southern Exposure Herb Farms.

Little Bluebird photography makes our gallery full of lovely warm images and gives the bones of all our favorite parts of this whimsical event. Keep rolling to find out what they think.

This wedding was in the most beautiful little herb farm – I seriously wish I could have had all day to photograph just the bride and groom (Alyssa and Kyle) in this place because there were beautiful flowers and greenhouses and buildings and details around every corner and little paths leading through flower beds and gardens. It was truly a beautiful place to have a wedding.

I like to see this wedding dance photo, because you can tell what song is playing! Pay attention to swing, YMCA and shout! Alyssa also prepares a basket of toys and jigsaw puzzles for children so they can also enjoy the reception.