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“Erin and Kevin’s outdoor wedding at the Palace Hotel in Brazil and the reception at the groom’s backyard are favorites for high school couples who know they want something simple and elegant with their golden, white and green palette to help them The precise elements of the finish include the bride’s handmade veil, the groom’s custom cufflinks, the Mason jug (the groom’s surname Nod, Mason) and an amazing cake surrounded by multiple mini cakes.

We do not have much time to plan a wedding , but we always know we want a very sophisticated, stylish and fun wedding! We are looking for a romantic intimacy, and we want people to remember our wedding because it is beautiful and unique!

I think the most unique part of our ceremony is that we choose to go through the corridor together! We believe we made this promise together and hope to do something that can make a big difference. So far, our favorite wedding day is walking in the corridor, knowing that we are about to become husband and wife!

We have to do everything we want! We did everything ourselves.

A simple elegant backyard wedding ceremony was held in the backyard of the Brazilian Court Hotel.