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Would You Dare to Wear a Christmas Tree Skirt?

The corset, in combination with fresh cedar branches, has been well served in a local woods in a scene taken by Shaylei Halling, our hometown Brighton, Utah.

We adore that checkered tie back — which allows the top piece of the dress to extend further and “fuse” the cedar part to the top!

Those sleeves are too good!! Looking to create a similar winter wonderland look.

What kind of holiday you expect each year + celebration? This is their annual Christmas tree dress shot! We can only imagine how fun it is to take such a shot … Can you imagine wearing a dress through the snow?




Start your day with family and friends at home and get ready to shoot some stunning beautiful first shots on the North Avenue Beach while waiting for the first snowflake to fall.

Amy, David and their wedding party go to our Savior Church for the perfect winter wedding. We love everything about their wedding, including the girl’s prayer ring and then to the corridor.


We wish a happy and emotional moment, a day of the wedding.
Beautiful thick snow fell from the sky.
My new husband and I danced in a blizzard at dusk to celebrate our marriage, the snow globe wedding day in which our dreams come true.





Amazing snowing suggestions at the Suncadia Resort at the foothills of the Snoqualmie Pass! The boy pre-arranged beautiful flowers, candles and blankets in the snow. When he and the bride arrived, he knelt on one knee and the background of the mountain could not be more spectacular. After the girls said yes, the photographers continued their filming, which shows how strong their true love is.

The coldness in the snow does not seem to affect the playfulness and ambiguity between them as if the photographer did not exist either. Enjoy the beautiful snow scene.

If you also choose a winter proposal, then try in the winter hot romance about it.